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Woongjin ThinkBig continues to develop successful portfolio of picture books and educative books
by the most talented authors and illustrators. Our books have been translated by over 100 publishing companies
around the world and continues to develop its portfolio for potential readers in various territories.

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An Old Tailor Shop at Intersection
Written & illustrated by Jaesun Ahn
Publication date: 2019 April
How to Plant a Stuffed Bunny
Written Sunmi Hwang Illustrated
by Hieun Lee Publication date:
2019 May
The Last Summer
Written & Illustrated by:Jihyeon Kim
Publication date: 2017 Sep
Is a Tomato a Fruit or a
Written by: Hwang Kim
Illustrated by: Yirang Kim
Publication date: 2017 Sep.
Picture Book
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16 How to Plant a Stuffed Bunny Download
15 The Last Summer Download
14 Is a tomato a vegetable or a fruit Download
13 I am a Plastic Bag Download
12 Cat's Paw to the Rescue Download
11 Lovely, the Way You Are Download
10 Spotty and Blacky Download
9 I won`t Speak for a Million Years Download
8 I am not a kid Download
7 A Paper Daddy Download
6 A slow lizard Download
5 The first Olympics of Animals Download
4 My granny mother Download
3 The adventure of waterdrop brothers Download
2 Granpa`s Research on Earthworm Download
1 PpoPpoGom Board Book series Download
7 Knock Knock Knock Coding Books Download
6 Monster Science series Download
5 Cool Kids Project Download
4 I am a Venus Flytrap Download
3 My name is Hurricane Download
2 Thinkbig Comprehension Reading Series Download
1 The Lost Expedition series Download