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Thinking 10 years ahead for children

Woongjin ThinkBig provides a variety of educational and cultural services targeting the entire age spectrum from children to adults,
including not only children reading and learning services, but also publication of books in various genres.

Woongjin Bookclub

We publish book collections for children and the youth with reading and educational content, with thousands of book curators nationwide providing customizable reading design services.
  • Provide hard copy books from distinguished publishers in Korea and other countries, with over 10,000 digital content.
  • Motivate students to read suggested topics aligned to each age group.
  • Create book reporting activities to help students think and analyze with confidence.
  • Book Curation

    Personalized ‘book curation’ encourages children to
    open books on their own.

  • Thought Library

    Personal library ‘Thought Library’ fills the children’s hours
    with reading activities.

  • Companion Book

    Bumper-to-bumper ‘companion books’ increase the depth
    and breadth of children’s reading.

  • Reading 100 books

    ‘Reading 100 books’ activity sets to develop good reading habits.

Woongjin Thinkbig

Launching creativity-inspired workbook services since 1996, Woongjin ThinkBig delivers various learning services together with thousands of teachers nationwide.
  • Forms good study habits to foster confidence beyond reading and learning.
  • Tailors content to each child’s learning patterns and performance level, with a management system that mobilizes three teachers to ensure effective customized learning.
  • Administers a reading program aligned with school curriculum that enables children to understand learning concepts correctly and express their ideas with confidence using creative book reporting activities.
  • Learning Service Visits

    Self-motivated learning habits: weekly one-on-one meetings for closer management

  • Woongjin Thinkbig
    Learning Center

    Daily learning habits: in-depth management of major subjects including English and Mathematics

  • Woongjin Thinkbig
    Study Room

    Daily learning habits: subject and essay writing management

  • Woongjin Thinkbig

    Weekly in-depth learning: video class with specialized instructors

Woongjin SmartAll

웅진스마트올 smart All
Like an exciting game, like a friend who shares thoughts, studying becomes
an amazing pleasure. My own AI study friend, Woongjin SmartAll
  • AI that provides suitable materials for all elementary school subjects, and develops study habits through coaching.
  • It provides all the contents needed for elementary school students, whether it be books related to school subjects or creative contents!
  • Development of daily study habit, accompanied by professional teacher’s guidance.
  • Patent certified education system for all subjects.
  • Holds the highest number of patent certifications
    within the industry.
  • Holds the highest number of pre-school to elementary
    smart-learning members within the industry.
  • Provision of customized
    AI learning for complete preparation
    of all elementary subjects
    • Educational contents for all grades/subjects
    • Customized AI difficulty
    • AI habit analysis
    • AI review notes
  • AR science experiments of
    elementary and secondary
    that surpass textbooks
    • 180 essential concepts for elementary
      school curriculum
    • Provides a science lab on your own desk
      (Molecular synthesis, frog dissection, etc.)
    • Active learning with real images and videos
  • New math education system
    for the AI era
    [AI MATH]
    • Collaboration with the world-class mathematician
      (The first Korean professor at Oxford University)
    • Completely grasp a child’s level in 30 questions
    • Adjusting of the amount and level of personal learning
      in accordance to the child’s needs

Build confidence in math, Mathpid

AI-powered math learning app for Pre-K to Grade9
  • From basic math to advanced level, Mathpid provides essential math curriculums.
  • Using the AI comprehensive management system, Mathpid identifies the needs and
    difficulties of each child and provides personalized learning courses.
  • Learners can improve their math skills in a efficient & effective way.
Appreciated by prominent awards
  • AI Diagnosis & Analysis
    • Within 10 problems, Mathpid identifies
      the student’s math level with an accuracy of 95%.
      Mathpid instantly catches learners’ weakness
      so that they can adjust mistakes while they're studying.
  • Personalized Learning Course
    • No more cookie-cutter training!
      Learners get their own learning courses that
      find the exact area they need to improve on and
      1:1 feedback by AI tutor 24/7
  • Math Camera
    • Mathpid provides math solver immediately and similar
      questions whenever learners are facing tricky math problems.
      In addition, AI technology recognizes hand-written
      problems as well.
  • Step-by-step Lessons
    • Every topic has step-by-step explanation lesson
      with short videos to make the concept clear.
      How efficient!

Read the real world, ARpedia

ARpedia is an interactive book that uses Augmented Reality(AR) and other various technologies to make reading engaging and fun. ARpedia introduces a whole new way of reading books for children.
  • The most successful AR reading product for children in Korea
  • Virtual reality(digital contents) that stimulates various senses of children
  • Maximize vivid images and contents through hands-on activities using interactive characters(paper markers)
  • Various technologies such as AR, 2D&3D graphics, animations, sounds recognition, etc. enable interaction and participate in the story of the book with characters that kids made by their own selves
  • Interact with Digital Contents

    - 3D Digital contents spark your imagination and trigger your visual
    and auditory senses.

    - Interactive characters are used to interact with each other and
    various 3D interactive effects.

  • Personalize Your Story

    - Create your own digital characters and add yourself to the story.

    - Digital contents allow users to directly participate in the story
    by combining the user profile picture, voice, and name into
    the character of the book.

  • Make Learning Fun

    - Enrich your learning experience with augmented reality and
    fun activities.

    - Learn various contents and content-based quizzes of the book
    by moving the interactive characters.

  • Explore STEM subjects

    - Different encyclopedia books cover important subjects, such as Space,
    Weather, Robots, and more.

    - ARpedia is ideal for at-home learning as well which will be taken to
    a completely different level.

    4~9 years old 10 books

The realistic exploration of universal knowledge

Through encountering vivid virtual experiences, the reader can enjoy learning a variety of universal knowledge.

    4~9 years old 5 books

Learn about your community!

Through various stories and interactive educational activities, readers learn about the different service workers in the community and the jobs they perform.

    6~10 years old 8 books

130 science laboratory experiments through AR

Experience important scientific concepts in your own science laboratory through AR

Book Publishing

Woongjin ThinkBig Publishing is leading Korea’s book publishing market by developing content in various genres, targeting all age groups from children to adults.
Market-leading and best-selling books are being published every year in various genres including pure literature, popular literature, humanities, social science, history, economy and business administration, self-development, child education, lifestyle, etc.
  • 웅진주니어
  • 리더스북
  • 갤리온
  • 웅진 지식하우스
  • 뿔
  • 엄마는 생각쟁이
  • 엘로라도
  • 웅진 리빙하우스
  • 걷는나무
  • 호박꽃
  • 웅진윙스
  • 씽크하우스
  • 재미주의
  • 노블마인
  • 펭귄 클래식 코리아

Woongjin Hangeul

One out of five Korean university students learned from Woongjin's Korean language education content. Woongjin's Korean content implies Woongjin's 40-year education know-how.
  • It is Korea's representative Hangeul content for infants who are new to Hangeul.

    Learning Hangeul with Korean children's songs, textbooks, and storytelling fairy tales

    storytelling fairy tales Learning that stimulates five senses and intrigues with various digital play activities

  • This is a content that allows you to quickly learn Hangeul in a very short period of time with a curriculum based on the principle of Hangeul creation by King Sejong the Great.

    A systematic curriculum that can start with a beginner who doesn't know Korean

    Sound learning with the principles of creating Hangeul enables quick learning on a different level