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Education & Culture Corporation
Thinking 10 Years Ahead for Children

With a 10-year look-ahead program to attend to the educational needs of children,
WoongjinThinkBig continuously strive to create new values in the educational culture of Korea by committing itself to create,
innovate, and differentiate products and services offerings.


Deliver right education and great people
with the management spirit of “Love and Love more.”

All in WoongjinThinkBig Create new innovation through “Change & Challenge.”
Offer newer education through “Creation & Innovation.”

Providing Education & Culture

Initially incorporated under the trade name of ‘Heim International Publishing’ in 1980, WoongjinThinkBig develops and offers a variety of educational and cultural content targeting all age groups from toddlers to adults, including member-only workbooks, complete works series for children, study room, learning center, online and offline book publishing services, etc.
Launching the WoongjinBookClub which is a member-only reading/learning convergence program integrated with digital platforms in 2014 ahead of the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, WoongjinThinkBig is growing into becoming an expert in education and culture serving the needs of children and family in general in collaboration with a variety of business partners including hotels, resorts, theme parks, exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Thinking Differently, WoongjinThinkBig

After launching the industry’s first ‘creativity’-oriented workbook service in 1996, WoongjinThinkBig has developed a variety of differentiated content, exporting copyrights to more than 100 different intellectual properties and receiving authoritative trade awards such as the ‘Bologna Ragazzi Award,’ and ‘E-Publishing Grand Prix,’ among others.
The WoongjinBookClub, launched in 2014, provides not only reading curation services personalized to meet the needs of individual members not only with WoongjinThinkBig books but also with over 6,000 books available from over 150 publishing partners from Korea and other countries besides online and offline edutainment services integrated with theme parks, exhibitions, concerts, etc.
In step with continued breakthroughs in digital technologies, innovative education services such as personalized learning content, and video classes taught by specialized instructors are provided.

Right education service provided by educational experts

The value of WoongjinThinkBig does not stop at just providing good products. A 10-year look-ahead foresight in products and services for children and close communication with customers are the real values that WoongjinThinkBig pursues for corporate growth.
These values are delivered by WoongjinThinkBig teachers and book curators noted for their excellence and commitment.
Accordingly, WoongjinThinkBig is incessantly trying to develop the professional excellence of teachers and book curators and lift their morale in a bid not only to improve the satisfaction of their internal/external customers but also to deliver the true values pursued by the company.


Board of Directors
  • Management Planning
  • Management Support
  • Strategic Procurement
  • R&D Office
  • IT Development
  • Book Editing Group
Education Business
  • Education & culture business
    (Tutoring service)
  • Future Education Business
    (Educational contents & service)
  • Single-volume publication business
    (Publishing book)




The corporate identity of WoongjinThinkBig embodies creativity toward a bigger world, Love and Love more’ and corporate sustainability.

Love for customers

Means customer-focused positive and active services based on love for human beings.

Love toward change

Conveys the management spirit of seeking growth through change, as a bud that starts growing from change

Love for society

Shows love embracing society as we embrace each other

Love for work

Representsa man working actively in high spirits with lofty aspirations, will and focus on one’s work essence

Love toward challenge

Shows the pursuit of lofty ideals in defiance of the past and always welcoming challenges

Love for organization

Embodies a corporate culture underscoring collaboration and fairness in an organization of unity

  • Creativity

    Containing creativity of Woongjin.
    The unique and unprecedented structure reflects the creative ideas of Woongjin that buck the trend.

  • Overwhelming

    Rendering a bright and warm corporate culture founded on Love and Love more.
    The 6 symbol motifs represent Woongjin’s corporate culture where the elements of Love and Love more coexist in harmony. The free and animated touch symbolizes the Woongjin’s focus on human beings and their consciousness.

  • Sustainable

    Represents the will to grow into a sustainable corporation that will keep evolving for over 100 and even 200 years.
    The side, up and down linked circles represent the aspiration to stay with customers and society forever.
    They symbolize the vision where Woongjin and customer, linked with each other, advance into an everlasting growth like powerful rolling wheels.

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