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thinking 10 years ahead for children

WoongjinThinkBig provides a variety of education and culture services targeting the entire age spectrum
from children to adults, including not only children reading and learning services but also publication of books in various genres.

Woongjin Bookclub

We publish books collections for children and youth and reading education content, with thousands of book curators nationwide providing customizable reading design services.
  • Hard copy books from distinguished publishers in Korea and other countries and over 10,000 digital content.
  • Motivating students to read by suggesting topics aligned to each age group.
  • Creative book reporting activities to help students put together their thoughts with confidence.
  • Book Curation

    Personalized ‘book curation’ encourages children to
    open books on their own.

  • Thought Library

    Personal library ‘Thought Library’ fills the children’s hours
    with reading activities.

  • Companion Book

    Bumper-to-bumper ‘companion books’ increase the depth
    and breadth of children’s reading.

  • Reading 100 books

    ‘Reading 100 books’ activity setting the goal of
    developing reading habits.

Woongjin Thinkbig

Launching creativity-inspired workbook services in 1996, WoongjinThinkBig delivers various learning services together with thousands of teachers nationwide.
  • Making a habit of studying and reading fosters confidence in going beyond reading and learning
  • Content tailored to children’s learning patterns and performance level and a management system mobilizing three teachers to ensure customized learning.
  • A reading program aligned with school curriculum enables children to understand learning concepts correctly and express their ideas with confidence using creative book reporting activities.
  • Visiting learning service

    self-motivated learning habits, weekly one-on-one meetings for closer management

  • WoongjinBookClub Learning Center

    Daily learning habits, in-depth management of major subjects including English and Mathematics

  • WoongjinBookClub Study Room

    Daily learning habits, subject and essay writing management

  • WoongjinBookClub Together

    Weekly in-depth learning, video class with specialized instructors

Book Publishing

WoongjinThinkBig Publishing is leading the book publishing market in Korea by developing content in various genres targeting all age groups from children to adults.
Market-leading and best-seller books are being published every year in various genres including pure literature, popular literature, humanities, social science, history, economy and business administration, self-development, children education, lifestyle, etc.
  • 웅진주니어
  • 리더스북
  • 갤리온
  • 웅진 지식하우스
  • 뿔
  • 엄마는 생각쟁이
  • 엘로라도
  • 웅진 리빙하우스
  • 걷는나무
  • 호박꽃
  • 웅진윙스
  • 씽크하우스
  • 재미주의
  • 노블마인
  • 펭귄 클래식 코리아